Odyssey designer and simulator

Odyssey designer and simulator 1.2

Odyssey designer and simulator is the specific software for Odyssey simulator
1.2 (See all)
MGL Avionics

Odyssey, like its smaller brother Enigma, is a dynamic and very flexible development. Odyssey includes all of the Enigma functionality and adds items related mainly to its additional interfaces (ARINC429 etc). Software based additions to functionality are made available to end users via free and unrestricted internet download with the actual task of updating a system being a simple and quick process taking only a few seconds. Altimeter: -700 to over 40.000 ft range, 1ft resolution at sea level. Magnetic heading (compass) using matchbox sized SP-2 for reliable remote installation. Built in 16 channel WAAS GPS with RAIM, can use external GPS NMEA feed if required. Automatic flight folio flight logging with export to PC based flight log viewer program (Enigma Flight Planner). Logs up to 1000 flights with internal viewer.

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